Large UAV performance in an ultra-mobile package

NEMESiS UAV is a VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) system developed to help UAV operators focus on their mission instead of handling the UAV. NEMESiS UAV versatility and ease of use along with its high performance characteristics makes it a valuable tool that is in a VTOL class by itself. The whole system (UAV and GCS) is the most compact UAS currently in use. It fits in a single case that can be carried by one man and it is ready to be deployed on the field and operate in less than 5 minutes.

General Characteristics

Airframe Type

Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) Engines configuration.
Configurations of 4 or 8 engines are used depending on the desired mission endurance (flight time) and payload capacity.
The options are:
4 motors: 30 minute flight time
8 motors Rev1: 45 minute flight time
8 motors Rev2: 60+ minute flight time

Payload Capacity

At least 1000 gr of payload in all configurations. An embedded electromagnet onboard the UAV offers the option to release payloads up to 1 Kg.

Power Supply

Both UAV and GCS are battery operated. GCS can be powered additionally by an external power supply of 110-250V or vehicle power supply of 12V/3A

Max Range

NEMESiS UAV guarantees a rock-solid video and telemetry data link over a range of 7Km. A GCS embedded gyro-stabilized antenna and the unique technology of beamforming array antenna onboard the UAV is the most powerful and interference-free UAV data link system available today.

Optical Sensors and Video Streaming

The NEMESiS UAV employs up to three optical sensors and DUAL video streaming of two sensors simultaneously. The UAV is equipped with a front-side-looking First Person View (FPV) camera plus two optical sensors onboard the gyro-stabilized gimbal (day and thermal – LWIR). The user selects from the GCS which two video sources wants to stream simultaneously to the GCS.

Landing Gear

A detachable or retractable landing gear option is offered.

Data Link

The NEMESiS data link is a high-performance wireless digital data link, providing long-range, high band-width data communication for both real time video and telemetry streaming. It is encrypted and provides frequency diversity in the 5-5.8 GHz license-free spectrum.