Multi Agent Geospatial network [MAGnet]

ADCOR MAGnet Systems is a software and hardware development company, specializing in sensor fusion and reality augmentation techniques.  Our Company is attracted to futuristic style technologies and exploits them to build such experiences. Therefore, our Company’s objective is to aid users to better understand the environment they operate in and to interact with it more efficiently.

With a heavy focus on Geographic Information Systems as the basis to display smart sensors interaction with the surrounding environment, ADCOR MAGnet Systems enhances the user experience by “rebuilding” a digital replica of the real world in real time.

ADCOR MAGnet Systems has built and combined various high-tier sensors to detect, identify, track and correlate airborne, ground-based and sea-based assets on its digital 3D environment called NEMESIS.

Latest Product Release

Our latest product is named UBIK 360 Security System.  The system combines our proprietary UBIK software with our proprietary UBIK 360 Optical Sensors to provide unparalleled situational awareness to its end users.

Value Proposition:  The UBIK 360 Security System provides a 360 degree Field of View (FOV) live-stream which is transmitted real-time over the internet and the cellular networks using a single lens with no stitching.  The UBIK 360 Security System records all of the live stream which is then stored on our cloud for later review.  The live stream is geo-referenced and geo-located on a map and transmits GPS coordinates. Furthermore, the System supports multiple simultaneous users and each user can select their own Field of View.  The System is robust in that UBIK 360 Optical Sensors can be placed on fixed structures, on moving vehicles, and on drones.  All of the live streams are then transmitted real-time to any Command and Control Center.